Mission and Values

The Sanctuary Center is a Membership-Based Community Center designed as a trauma-sensitive “safe space”. We provide community resources, educational workshops, a HiveMind Community digital mental health social network and Blog, a multimedia library, and a meeting and workspace or those who identify as Lifestyle, KGLBTIAQ, or are survivors of trauma and seek a space of tolerance and acceptance. We are currently pursuing Non-for-Profit Status and a Center Location in Tampa, Florida. We estimate that our center will open the Summer/Fall of 2018.

The Primary Mission of Sanctuary Center is to provide a safe meeting space, advocacy, and resources for the KLGBTIAQ, survivors of trauma, those who identify as Lifestyle, and cultural and relationship minorities. Through education, community resource collaboration, and advocacy we are committed to supporting and developing resources and tools for these communities.

Our hope is to make the next generation far more ethical than those before, empower individuals and to provide help to those who cannot help themselves.

We believe Kinkphobia kills people. Our hope is to move society past tolerance into acceptance of consensual sexuality and intimate relationships outsiders as a healthy, integral part of the being existence.We support people in finding the type and amount of sexual pleasure that is right for them, respecting the spectrum from asexual to omnisexual.  We aim to create a better world by promoting respectful interaction through consent and safety education.

We believe that access to affordable mental health, healthcare education, and healthcare options are necessary and important for all humans, We hope to teach professionals about trauma-sensitive care and how to best serve this and our other communities. Our desire is to find and develop affordable treatment options and resources for those who struggle with access to healthcare, especially mental health care, and work towards removing the stigma of mental health and mental health challenges.

We believe that intimate partner violence is an epidemic and our culture does not serve “special populations” areas of the community especially men, teens, and the KGLBTIAQ communities. We advocate for the restructuring of the family court system in order to reduce the use of the legal system to continue the chain of violence and abuse.

We believe the emotional abuse is as significant and life-threatening as physical abuse and desire to raise awareness and reform the court system to better recognizing, reforming, and punishing these abusers. We hope to teach medical and legal professionals about trauma-sensitive care and how to best serve these communities in the midst of intimate partner violence. Our desire is to find and develop affordable intervention resources for those who desire to leave an intimate partner violence relationship and start a new life.

The Safety is Sexy Mission (SSM)

The mission of SSM is to offer resources, education, and advocacy for safety in relationships, sexuality, and mental health.

    • Sex Postive Advocacy and Education

Kink Aware Professional Advocacy and Sexuality

  • Consent Counts, Sexuality, and Kink Safety Education
  • Mental Health Advocacy, Resources, and Education
  • All-Inclusive Intimate Partner Violence Advocacy and Education
  • Emotional Abuse, Ethical Divorce, Parental Alienation, and Divorce Court Corruption Advocacy and Education
  • Affordable Healthcare and Mental Health Treatment Advocacy and Resources


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