About Us

The Sanctuary Center is a Community Center designed as a “safe space” for those who identify as Lifestyle, are survivors of trauma, and others in need. We are currently pursuing Non-for-Profit Status and sign up for our Newsletter for updates.

The Mission of Sanctuary Center is to provide a safe space, advocacy, and resources for the Kink, LGBTIA, those who struggle with Mental Health and Traumatized Humans. Through education, community collaboration, and advocacy we are committed to supporting and developing resources and tools for these communities.

Our hope is to make the next generation far more ethical than those before and to help those who cannot help themselves.

Our hope is to move society past tolerance into acceptance of consensual sexuality as a healthy, integral part of being human. We support people in finding the type and amount of sexual pleasure that is right for them, respecting the spectrum from asexual to omnisexual. We aim to create a better world by promoting respectful interaction through consent education.

Our hope is to find and develop affordable treatment options and resources for those who struggle with mental health and work towards removing the stigma of mental health and mental health challenges.

Our tools involve collaboration, connection, and education.